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Please select a teapot from the photos below to see the full range of colors for the style of teapot.The colors shown below are just a small example of the full color range we have in stock.

BBN01 Beehouse 12 Ounce Teapots
12 Ounce Teapots

BBN02 Beehouse 15 Ounce Teapots
15 Ounce Teapots

BBN03 Beehouse 22 Ounce Teapots
22 Ounce Teapots

BBN04 Beehouse 26 Ounce Teapots
26 Ounce Teapots

Beehouse 12 Ounce Teapots
22 and 45 Ounce Herbal

BBN11 Beehouse 22 Ounce Teapots
22 Ounce Square

Beehouse 26 Ounce Teapots
26 Ounce Classic

Beehouse 15 Ounce Teapots
20 Ounce Tulip

BBN17 BBN37 Beehouse Saturn Teapots
11-18-30-48 Ounce Saturn

BBN30 Beehouse 15 Ounce Teapots
32 Ounce Kyoto

Beehouse 28 and 48 Persimmon
28 and 48 Persimmon

Beehouse Zen Teapots
16 Ounce Zen

BBN14 Beehouse Zen Teapots
24 and 56 Ounce Retro

Beehouse 28 and 48 Persimmon
15 and 18 Downspout

BBN52 Beehouse Tall Teapots
64 Ounce Tall

BBN06 Beehouse Round 36 ounce teapots
36 Ounce Teapots

ZO 001, ZO 002, ZO 003 Beehouse 28 and 48 Persimmon
Zero 14-32 Ounce

Beehouse Zen Teapots
64-44 oz Full and Half Moon

Beehouse Kikko Teapots
Kabuki Square 16 ounce

Beehouse Tea Cups and Mugs
Tea Cups and Mugs

Beehouse Kikko Teapots
Kabuki Square 28 ounce

Beehouse Kikko Teapots
Kikko Earthenware Mugs

Beehouse Creams and Sugars
Creams and Sugars

Tea Cosies
Tea Cozies

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Shipping in the US is a flat rate of $10.00 on orders under $100.00 (contiguous 48 states)
Orders over $100.00 ship FREE (contiguous 48 states)
Most replacement parts ship free as noted on the product page (contiguous 48 states)
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If you have trouble placing your order, please give us a call 1-303-456-5742.

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